Medical Release Form – Vernon Game

Click on the link below to see the Medical Release form. I need this by Friday, Aug 26 for the Vernon trip.
I also have copies in my office on the glass table.
 I need you to fill out a medical release form for your child and return it to the band hall office.
Here are the ways to obtain the form:
One is on the band page   It is located on the homepage.
I have copies in my office.
Here are the ways to return the form:
1. Fill it out and send it with your child
2. Fill it out, scan it and send it to….
It is very important that I have it in my hand for the upcoming trip to Vernon.
Vernon Football Game
Meet at 2:15, Load up and Leave
Eat at 6:00 in Vernon. We are having Hamburgers, chips, cookie and bottled water at the stadium.
          Wylie ISD pays for the meal, but you can bring other items if you wish.
Game starts at 7:30
Estimate for arriving home is 2:00 a.m.
Address of the stadium is:
2299 Stadium Drive
Vernon, TX 76384
Sometimes parents like to take their child with them after a game or event.

We call this “signing out”.

It is extremely important that you don’t take your child without helping us document the process.

You can do this in two different ways:

1. Send a note to school (or email me), I will post it to the clipboard and you simply take your child with you after the game.
2. Sign the clipboard after the game and take your child home with you. Mr. Etter will have the clipboard at the end of the game.
Please don’t take your child without me having record of it. It’s the only way I can keep us all safe and accounted for on the trip. This system worked great for many years because of all the wonderful parents taking care to do it correctly. Thank you so much for your attention to this detail. The most important thing all night is to keep the students safe and return them at the end of the night!
Thanks, Mr. Lunney